Enjoy Life

Daily Programming

Our lifestyle enrichment programming is central to Capri’s enjoy life philosophy. We customize activities and offerings for each community based on resident interests and feedback – so there is always something fresh and different happening.

Programming is built around four elements: adventure, learning, health & wellness and community.  Whether it is a fitness class, educational speaker, card game or cooking class that grabs your attention – we strive to have options for everyone that keep our residents engaged and active every day if they so choose.

View an example of one of our monthly lifestyle programming calendars.


the Day!

Whether big or small, life’s adventures are all around us. Adventure programs encourage individuals to stretch themselves and explore new opportunities.


Embrace Opportunities!

Discover new interests or simply enjoy thought provoking moments. The Learning element promotes new ways to acquire and share knowledge.

Health & Wellness

Be the
Best You!

It’s a gift to yourself. The Health & Wellness element encourages the pursuit of overall wellness for the mind, body and spirit.


Engage in the world around you!

This element encourages the development of positive, meaningful relationships as well as access to service opportunities that are important to you.

Ask Melissa!

If you have questions or want to learn more about Capri’s Enjoy Life programming, Adventure Series, or On the Road trips, ask Melissa! Melissa Asmondy is our Director of Lifestyle Enrichment and can help answer any of your enjoy life questions.

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About Our Expert

Director of Lifestyle Enrichment

  • Senior Living Expert – 6+ years of helping older adults find their ideal living environment
  • Enjoy Life Enthusiast
  • Event and Program Planning Specialist
  • Committed to the Resident Experience at Capri