Enjoy Life

Lifestyle Programming

Enjoy Life. Two simple words that mean so much. At Capri, we’re all about embracing life’s adventures, no matter your age! We tailor our daily activities to suit your interests and supplement with exciting outings and trips that promote self-discovery, socializing, learning and, of course, loads of fun!

Enjoy Life Daily Programming

Daily lifestyle programming is customized for each community and designed to promote socialization and enrich our residents’ lives. Knowing that everyone enjoys life differently, we provide multiple daily activity options that are customized to resident interests giving residents the ability to pick and choose activities that spark their joy!

Enjoy Life Adventure Series

At Capri we believe it’s important to enjoy life both inside and outside of our communities. In addition to our Daily Programming, we created the Enjoy Life Adventure Series to enhance our residents’ experience. This seasonal series includes exciting adventures throughout southeast Wisconsin where residents from all Capri Communities come together to create fun-filled memories!

Enjoy Life on the Road

Traveling isn’t just about seeing new places; it’s a total mind, body and spirit boost! Plus it’s a great way to meet new people and create lasting memories. Join Capri and Premier World Discovery for our Enjoy Life On the Road program that takes older adults with like abilities on fabulous, all-inclusive trips to amazing travel destinations. You don’t need to be a Capri resident to participate; we welcome all interested older adults to join the adventure!

Dream Flights

Get ready for some high-flying fun with Capri and Dream Flights! We’ve teamed up with this awesome non-profit to give our senior military veterans an experience they’ll never forget. Picture this: fully restored Boeing Stearman biplanes taking our veterans up into the sky, just like back in the 1940s! And the best part? Watching the whole community come together to cheer on our brave veterans as they soar through the clouds – it’s a moment we all look forward to each year!

Ask Melissa!

If you have questions or want to learn more about Capri’s Enjoy Life programming, Adventure Series, or On the Road trips, ask Melissa! Melissa Asmondy is our Director of Lifestyle Enrichment and can help answer any of your enjoy life questions.

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About Our Expert

Director of Lifestyle Enrichment

  • Senior Living Expert – 6+ years of helping older adults find their ideal living environment
  • Enjoy Life Enthusiast
  • Event and Program Planning Specialist
  • Committed to the Resident Experience at Capri