Our Inspiration

Ask our residents what they love most about Capri Communities and they’re likely to say it’s a place that just feels like home and a group of people that feels like family.

Maybe it’s because that’s exactly what our founder, Jim Tarantino, intended. Jim initially set out to provide care for just one resident—his great aunt. As Jim saw it, he was simply upholding the long Italian tradition of looking out for one’s family members as they grew older.

Later, Jim’s mom required similar help. Realizing that other seniors could also benefit from an environment and dedicated staff that provides companionship and purpose along with whatever assistance they might need, Jim launched Capri Communities.

Even the name was inspired by Jim’s heritage. Located just off the Italian coast, Capri is an island of rare beauty and wonder. It’s also a place where each day residents greet each other, support one another, and live together almost as members of an extended family. In short, exactly the type of atmosphere Capri Communities strives to provide our residents.

Jim Tarantino left our world on January 15, 2024, but his presence remains and will forever be felt. He leaves behind a deep-seeded commitment to community and a legacy of providing first-class resident care with an emphasis on delivering an “enjoy life” experience for all.

Capri isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling

Mission & Values

The same inspiration that shaped our very beginnings is displayed every day at each Capri community as we bring our values to life.

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