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Good Afternoon All:


Please accept my sincere thank you for the work you are doing and the manner by which you are caring for our residents and those that depend on us. We are at the beginning here in Wisconsin, and I know we will have more challenges in the coming weeks. That said, I know we have the right people to help navigate this ever-changing time: YOU! Know that we will face many victories, and unfortunately, if predictions are accurate, some defeats. Don’t let this get you down. Your care and compassion are the blessings we find in this situation.

Many of us have the privilege to social distance, self-quarantine or work from home. Our front line staff and community employees do not have that privilege. You are in the trenches with our residents. Your work will proactively assist in containing this virus in the weeks ahead.  And, what we know is tough now, has not yet peaked.

Also, a shout out to those that are working behind the scenes providing support to our teams, keeping our communities operating in a manner that protects our residents.  Please pass on my thanks if you think they haven’t gotten this message.

This unprecedented time is truly revealing how awesome our team is.

I appreciate you and your work beyond words. Know that I, along with the Executive Committee, will be here for you today, and in the weeks and months ahead.


Thank you,

Jim Tarantino

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