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Why Senior Living Communities Provide Advantages for Seniors Today More than Ever


“I want to thank Village Pointe Commons from the bottom of my heart for the exemplary dedication and great care their staff is taking during this pandemic.  Their professionalism and commitment to keeping other residents protected and healthy brings peace of mind to families who cannot currently visit loved ones.  My mom is very thankful and happy to call Village Pointe Commons home and told me she feels very safe and protected there.” – Lora P., family member of a resident at Village Pointe Commons


During this time of staying home, avoiding crowds, and self-quarantine, many people are justifiably feeling frightened and lonely – even though they know their efforts are for the greater good.

In no segment of our population is this truer than with our senior population - specifically those 70 y.o.+. - to whom the current pandemic presents the greatest health risks.

When families and seniors contemplate the best place for seniors to live in today’s uncertain world - senior living communities, such as Capri Communities, offer significant advantages compared to seniors who are on their own.


Senior Living Communities Can Be Safer Places to Live

Highly trained staff and caregivers are on hand to provide healthcare and support services.  Capri Communities also offers nursing and telehealth services to meet many healthcare needs so residents can stay safe in the comfort of their own homes vs. traveling to doctor appointments.  

For those communities with 24/7 care staff, Capri offers the peace of mind that there is always someone there for you no matter how big or small your worries may be. 

Moreover, daily briefings from government and health professionals keep staff informed with accurate, up-to-date health safety information and protocol so residents can rest assured knowing they are receiving the best care possible to keep them safe and protected.

Staff are also equipped with protective gear such as masks and gloves so they can stop the spread of germs.  At Capri Communities, the health and safety of residents and our staff is always our priority.


Nutritious Meals

With many restaurants being closed and store shelves empty due to panicked hoarders, seniors who live alone may struggle to get the nutrition they need. While communal dining has been temporarily discontinued, residents in senior communities still have access to nutritious, tasty, hot meals delivered right to their doors – ensuring great nutrition without having to cook. 

At Capri Communities, we also help in coordinating safe grocery delivery services so residents can enjoy the food they want right in their own home.



No industry in America is taking cleanliness more seriously than senior living communities – so at Capri Communities, seniors can rest assured that their living environment is clean.  Capri Community staff members are continuously updated on new CDC recommendations for sanitization and germ prevention – but even before this pandemic occurred, cleanliness was a top priority.  Surfaces in Capri Communities are routinely wiped down, hand sanitizer can be found at every corner and hand washing is an art form.  While comforting to know that your environment is clean, it’s even nicer when you’re not the one doing the cleaning!



At Capri Communities, there is always plenty to do!  Even without the ability to get together with friends and neighbors in person, senior living communities are getting creative on how to keep residents involved.  At Capri Communities locations throughout SE Wisconsin, root beer float and Happy Hour carts make their rounds to residents, served up by dedicated staff wearing protective facemasks, gloves and other gear.  Hallway games take place at scheduled times – engaging residents who participate safely from their doorways – and trivia contests and other educational offerings are circulated.  Other specific examples of safe activities include:

  • At Village Pointe Commons, community sing-a-longs take place every Thursday afternoon, with staff members leading residents in a selection of classic favorites.  
  • Wilson Commons in Milwaukee worked with a classic car club to organize a car parade featuring old bombers and wide variety of classic cars.
  • At St. Catherine Commons in Kenosha and other Capri locations, they have held outdoor concerts featuring local performers who sing from the outdoor courtyard to entertain residents listening from their windows and balconies.

No matter the day or time of year, Capri Communities senior living staff work tirelessly to make sure there is always a variety of activities to keep residents entertained and informed. 



In this time of social distancing, loneliness can often be our biggest challenge.  For seniors who live at Capri Communities, staff members and caregivers are committed to providing regular daily touch points – checking in with residents so that they have human interaction and facilitating other safe opportunities to engage with fellow residents, family and friends.

One such way is a program initiated at The Gables of Germantown called ‘Notes from Your Neighbors’.  In this program, residents become their own pen pals – exchanging notes and messages of encouragement, all facilitated by caring staff members.



In a time when technology plays a critical role in keeping us connected with friends and family, the task of simply connecting to the internet, accessing a Zoom call or getting on social media can be daunting for seniors.  At Capri Communities, dedicated staff are there to help with basic technology fixes and offer classes and one-to-one assistance sessions to help seniors become comfortable with their technology. 

So, while you may have been led to believe the contrary – in today’s socially distanced world, now more than ever before, Capri senior living communities offer seniors many advantages over those who are confined to their homes or live alone. 

If you have been contemplating whether now is the right time to consider a move to senior living, please look at the full picture.  In addition to simplifying your life, senior housing is optimally positioned to keep seniors safe, healthy, and engaged so they can relax and enjoy life!

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