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What is Independent Living?What is Independent Living?


Making the decision to move from your home isn’t easy. Perhaps you have lived there for 30 years, maybe 40. Your kids grew up in this home, you celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays in this home. Maybe your grandchildren love coming over for lunch and to play in the backyard.


The other side of the story, though, is that owning and managing a home can become a burden as you get older. For those whose kids have moved out, who have lost a spouse, or who are just looking for a more manageable lifestyle, it might be time to consider a change.


Is Independent Living Right for You?

Making the significant decision to move to a senior living community doesn't mean loss of independence. Rather, you will gain the freedom you may have been missing. As we age, home ownership tasks we may have previously enjoyed become more daunting or difficult to perform. An Independent Senior Living community gives you the privacy and autonomy of living in your own space without the hassle of home maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, or driving long distances to run errands.


Other common issues for older individuals are isolation and lack of activity. If you are looking for more opportunities to socialize, an Independent Living community is the perfect place to make friends, stay active, and have fun with people at the same stage of life. Many communities have on-site amenities like fitness centers, game rooms, libraries and gardens so you can pursue hobbies, with free transportation to local grocery stores, restaurants, health care, and community events.


Capri’s Independent Living communities provide plenty of housing options - apartments, ranch-style homes, cottages - so you can create the home and lifestyle you want.


Benefits of choosing an Independent Living community:

  • Combines the privacy and conveniences of home without the hassle of maintenance and lawn care.
  • On-site and nearby amenities with free, scheduled transportation.
  • Daily activities allow residents to be around friends and stay active in mind and body.
  • Many communities offer supportive/assisted living services if and when you need them.
  • A range of pricing options so you can live your life without worrying about budget.

What Independent Living Does Not OfferWhat is Independent Living?

While Independent Living communities offer a lot of benefits, they may not be right for everyone. Medical services are generally not included in the price of Independent Living, nor assistance with daily living activities. While some communities offer the convenience of staying in your Independent Living apartment as your needs change, others require that you move units or communities in order to access supportive services.


Every community is different, and Capri offers plenty of options to meet your needs. Browse our Campuses and Communities page.


Costs associated with Independent Living

In most cases, resident of Independent Living communities pay rent and utilities, with housekeeping and lawn maintenance services included. Add-on costs include linen, laundry, meals plans, and supportive/medical services as needed.


Because independent living communities do not provide medical support, it is normally not possible to cover the cost of Independent Living with Medicare, Medicaid, or long-term care insurance. Rather, you or your loved ones would pay from personal funding sources.


When to think about Assisted Living

If you or your loved one have difficulties with daily living activities like completing household chores, making your own meals, driving or arranging transportation, bathing/showering, or managing personal finances, it may be time to consider a more supportive senior living option.


Assisted Living is a flexible option for seniors who may request or require help with these and/or other daily living activities, but are still free to enjoy an independent lifestyle.


Learn more about Assisted Living and view our Campuses and Communities page to find the location that meets your lifestyle needs.

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