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7 Ways to Stay Calm and Happy During Uncertain Times 


With so much uncertainty facing our world today, it’s sometimes hard to remain calm.  For people of any age who are fortunate enough to be in good health, what can we do in today’s challenging times?


  1.  Organize – A great way to relieve stress and anxiety is to organize! Decluttering can provide a sense of calm and give you purpose in times of uncertainty. Clean out a closet or tackle that big spring-cleaning project you’ve been putting off. It’s a win-win - your space will look better, and you will feel better.
  2.  Take care of your health – If your normal exercise routine has been disrupted, find a new and fun way to stay active and healthy. There are many free workout videos online, and it’s never a bad idea to get some fresh air outside! Getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods and sticking to a regular routine are great mood-boosters as well.
  3.  Connect and help – there hasn’t been a more important time to connect with others and lend a hand to those less fortunate. Video chatting is the perfect way to keep in touch in addition to regular phone calls and texting. If you’re looking for more ways to help others stay connected during this time of isolation, head over to our recent blog post.
  4.  Avoid information overload - While it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest news, information overload can damped your mood. Schedule time to watch television, listen to the radio and check social media only a few times per day if possible.
  5.  Prepare – In times of crisis, it’s normal to have fears and concerns. The CDC offers many resources on how to prepare for your home for COVID-19 and protect those most vulnerable. Read more here.    
  6.  Journal – If you have some downtime during this time, consider putting your thoughts and feelings on paper. Writing is a tried and true way of calming fears and anxiety. And when this is all over (at some point, it will be!), you may be very glad you kept a record.
  7.  Start a new show, puzzle or project – Now is the perfect time to catch up on that television series you’ve always been too busy to watch, start a 1000 piece puzzle, craft with the kids, complete a DIY home improvement project, read that book…the list goes on. These activities will give you a sense of accomplishment, and keep your mind engaged and active.  

Blog adapted from an article by Gretchen Rubin.

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