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Starting FreshStarting Fresh

New residents are starting fresh in our communities throughout the year. We know moving to a new home can be both stressful and scary. Here are some ways our residents are welcoming new people into our community.

Smile and say hello. A smile is the universal welcome!

Introduce yourself and then re-introduce yourself when you see them again. With so many new people to meet, a reminder or second introduction can be helpful.

Invite them to come with you to an activity you enjoy or try something new with them! Invite a new resident to a luncheon or party - you'll be a familiar face to them while still being able to meet new people.

Give them space. Be mindful of their feelings and give them some breathing room as they get acclimated.

Be yourself. The most important person a new resident can talk to is you! We're proud to have Resident Ambassadors to assist in easing the transition for new residents, but we are all important community members and all have a unique perspective to give. When you make others feel special, the kindness you share will be returned to you.


This article is part of the GROW (Gain and Retain Overall Wellness) program developed by Capri Senior Communities to enhance our residents' quality of life. Each month we select a theme that focuses on our residents' intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. January's theme is "Starting Fresh."

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