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Two pictures of a caregiver and a resident embracingRespectful to All

Alicia Dupies, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Growth

Caregivers sitting around a table in a focus group.Capri Communities recently conducted a focus group with a cross-section of 22 caregivers from nearly all of our assisted living and memory care locations. The purpose of the three-hour session was to ensure that we fully understand how our caregivers view their work and how we can best support them in this very important role.

While there were many findings, one of the most common themes centered around respect. Many of our caregivers felt that despite the challenges of their role, they felt incredibly respected by residents and their families. When asked what defined respect, caregivers used words like appreciation, trust, acknowledgment, and gratefulness. As residents and families, the respect you show our caregivers is truly what keeps them motivated to provide you with the most personalized care.

When asked how they chose this career path at Capri Communities and what compels them to do their work every day, they shared the following:

  • Personal connection and relationship with residents
  • Giving back to seniors
  • A genuine desire to help those in need of assistance
  • Patience and caring for others

With Respectful to All part of our CARES Mission & Values, it's important to think about ways we can be appreciative and respectful to all, in particular our amazing caregivers. Next time you see one of our hard-working caregivers, please share with them your appreciation for all they do!

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