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Family involvement is important when choosing a senior living community. It's important to consider this involvement even after you or your loved one has moved in to one of our senior communities. Have you wondered if grandchildren, children, siblings, or out-of-town friends can stay a night or two in a resident's apartment? Wonder no longer - they can!

Our senior communities welcome family members just as much as you do. We love getting to know them because they can provide a unique perspective and help us get to know our residents even better.

All of our communities follow the same general rules for overnight guests; however, the specifics may be different community-by-community.

"Per the lease our residents sign, guests are permitted to stay no longer than three days, but we do make exceptions to this rule," said Jason S., community manager at The Landmark, a 62+ community in West Allis. "Our residents just need to let us know the guest's name, how long they will stay, and, if they have a car, the make and model."

"At The Chopin, we request that residents notify us if they are having an overnight guest and what vehicle they may have in the parking lot," said Sarah J., community manager at The Chopin at Wilson Commons, a 62+ community in Milwaukee. "If the person is staying regularly throughout the year, like an out-of-town daughter, I will usually ask for information so I can add them as an approved occupant and they can come and go as they please."

If you have questions about any of our senior community guidelines, please call and ask!

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