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Growing Through GratitudeGrowing Through Gratitude

By Meghan Davis, Director of Lifestyle Enrichment

As harvest season comes to a close, we can begin to think about cultivating gratitude within ourselves for our own growing season.

Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., is the world's leading scientific expert on gratitude. He is a professor of psychology at the University of California - Davis and the founding editor-in-chief of The Journal of Positive Psychology. He found that expressing gratitude improves mental, physical, and relational well-being. Furthermore, being grateful impacts the overall experience of happiness and these effects tend to be long-lasting. Research shows that just two weeks of recording experiences for which one is grateful has lasting positive effects sustained for up to six months.

Here are some gratitude exercises that you can try to help you grow your gratitude.

  • Keep a gratitude journal by your bedside and list 3-5 positive experiences from the day. Elaborate on one of these ideas. 
  • Make a ritual of 2-5 minute "gratitude meditations"
  • Linger on thoughts of positive moments from the day
  • Say thank you often, particularly to those who serve you!
  • Write down a letter of thanks to someone who has made a difference in your life - give it to them in person if possible.
  • Practice not gossiping, complaining, or judging for a day

This month we are especially appreciative of our veterans. Operation Gratitude is on a mission to thank every American who serves. From writing letters to a Halloween candy drive or making scarves and hats, there are ways for everyone to show appreciation and thanks.

How will you grow your gratitude this month?

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