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If you read last month's ‘Decluttering 101’ blog post, you saw seven tips meant to get your wheels turning on your decluttering journey. If you haven’t read it yet, I would recommend going back and reading before you continue. This month's post is meant to guide you as you dive into your project:


  1. Start by performing an initial sweep of each room for obvious trash that can be disposed of. This may include empty water bottles, wrappers, newspapers, etc.
  2. Since you’ve already decided what order you want to tackle your project in (previous post), it’s time to get to work. Either by room or by category, pull everything out. If by room, break it into sections so it’s not too overwhelming. This step is probably the most important. By pulling everything, you’ll be able to see all your redundant items. You may even find things you haven’t thought of in year that you don’t want to keep! 
  3. Sort items into donate, dispose, keep and TBD. Try not to put everything into the TBD. Use this for those really hard decisions to make.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary duplicates. Have multiple sets of sheets, bottles of floor cleaner, cookie sheets, etc.? Put the duplicates in the donate or dispose piles, depending on their condition.
  5. Contact donation centers for pickup. There are plenty of donation centers that can help. Options will vary by zip code.
  6. Dispose of items that are trash or aren’t worth donating. Your items can either go out on the curb or be picked up by a junk hauling service.
  7. Box “keep items” according to room or category. If you’re packing well in advance of a move, be detailed about what’s inside the box. If you end up needing something before you move, you won’t have to rifle through boxes and unpack things just to find that one item.
  8. Eventually you’ll have to circle back to the TBD pile. Try going through a little section at a time, and assess your mood before doing so. It’s usually not the best idea to make tough decisions when you’re overwhelmed or emotional, so wait until you’re feeling calm and have ample time.


As always, happy organizing and feel free to reach out with questions. I would love to help you get organized!


Britt Blackwelder

Director of Finance  |  Capri Senior Communities
Owner + Organizer  |  The Brittish Way - Professional Organizing Services 


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