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Independent Living COVID-19 Protocol


To Our Independent Living Residents,

First and foremost, we hope you are well, and keeping yourself informed about the rapidly changing impacts of COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus).  Many things we’ve come to know as “normal” are changing each day.  Your health and safety is our number one priority.  We have been working very closely with local and state officials to keep all our communities safe and informed. 

As Independent Living residents, under the Governor’s “Safer at Home”, it is critical that you understand the implications of leaving your apartment for reasons other than grocery, medical and pharmacy.

  • Residents must adhere to Governor Evers’ “Safer at Home” order.

  • Masks Required. By midafternoon tomorrow, every community will have access to a supply of facemasks. The expectation is that if you leave your apartment and are in our common space, you must wear the mask.

  • Leaving your Apartment. When you choose to leave your apartment building, you must sign the attached Resident Attestationfound here and as requested from your community manager or executive director. 

  • Visitors. If any non-essential visitors are found to be in our apartment building, we will ask them to leave. As nearly every family in Wisconsin has been self-isolating for weeks, we have the same responsibility. If this is not adhered to, we may assess a cleaning fine to bring in outside crews to preserve the health and safety of your neighbors. 


Effective March 22, 2020, the following Visitor and Resident recommendations are in place per Federal and State guidance:
  • NO visitors. Mandate essential visitors only. Visitors must review questionnaire and sign into Visitor Log.

  • Essential visitors are limited to one at a time. They must go directly to a resident’s apartment.

  • Any resident diagnosed with COVID-19 must self-report to their Community Manager. 

  • Communities with meal service have moved to apartment delivery. No dining room service.

  • All activities are halted until further notice.

  • Social distancing is required. NO residents may be within 6 feet of another resident.

  • Residents are discouraged from leaving the community unless for a medical emergency.

  • Any resident leaving our community must self-quarantine for 14 days when returning to community.

  • Continue to practice frequent and thorough handwashing many times throughout the day.

  • Disinfect your own apartment’s high-touch areas.

  • Food and other deliveries are encouraged via Amazon, Instacart or a local grocer or store with delivery service.

  • There will be a number on the front door directing the driver to call when making the delivery so our team knows a delivery is waiting.

We continue to take proactive steps, according to their guidelines, in preventing COVID-19.  Updates since the March 10, March 12, March 16 and March 22 communication:
  • All items above in red.

We continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC on prevention steps. If a case of COVID-19 were to arise in your community, all residents will be updated with information and a move-ahead plan. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your on-site Executive Director.
For additional information, please visit the CDC’s coronavirus disease information page at .
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